Whether it is for recyclable, compostable or waste materials, Evirum saves you money on your bill thanks to its advantageous rates offered by its partner suppliers.

Working with Evirum means:

  • Benefit from privileged financial conditions;
  • Access — under the same roof — to several suppliers for the management of all your materials;
  • Manage a single collection invoice;
  • Access to 24/7 personalized customer service—direct response from an Evirum agent at all times (you will not come across a voice mailbox).

Speak to one of our agents by calling 1 866 307-0821.



Our experts work step by step with you:

1— Assessment of current needs and contract

  • Do you have the right waste collection in place?
  • What are the conditions of the contract?
  • Are you paying too much?

2— Modification or cancellation of the current contract

  • Keep calm, our team negotiates the best conditions for you.
  • Avoid handling the stress of a cancellation if you want to change providers.

3— Planning and implementation of strategic solutions

  • Identification and installation of collection equipment.
  • Monitoring of the new contract and 24/7 customer service.


Evirum saves you money and time through its full range of collection services. We offer traditional services for the collection of waste, recyclable materials, organic materials (composting), dry materials (construction, demolition) and hazardous materials.

You also have access to our specialized collection services for electronics, computer products, neon lights, paints, batteries, ink cartridges and used oils.