Whether it’s for waste, recycling, or organics, working with a trusted Evirum advisor ensures optimized efficiency resulting in reduced costs and maximized profits.  

Why partner with Evirum?

  • We leverage our consolidated spending power to provide you the most competitive rates.
  • We give you access to all available waste services through our strong and long-standing partnerships with every supplier in the industry.
  • We provide simplified consolidated billing—one bill—one price—that’s it.
  • We offer a prompt and courteous service—you contact us once and we handle the rest... FAST.

To speak to one of our experts now, call 1 888 444-6417.



Our experts will work with you step by step through every part of the process:

1— Assessment of your current service agreement, invoicing and services

  • Do you have the right services in place?
  • Are you paying too much?
  • What are the terms and conditions of your contract?

2— Changing suppliers and/or cancelling your current service agreement

  • We can handle all aspects of the process for you.
  • Avoid the stress of a cancellation. Leave that all up to us.

3Planning and implementing of new services

  • If required, scheduling, delivery and installation of new equipment.
  • Monitoring of services and invoicing of your new service agreement.


You also have access to our specialized collection services for electronics, computer products, neon lights, paints, batteries, ink cartridges and used oils.