Environmental support

Evirum is specialized in the field of waste, stands out with its environmental mission and its commitment to provide a service complying with the existing waste management policy.

We offer the solution best suited to the needs of our customers in order to implement waste management based on source reduction measures, reuse, recovery or recycling, recovery and disposal.

Our range of services is designed to solve waste management problems and maximize the added value of an integrated approach.




Join our environmental coverage with the Evirum Corporate Program. Take advantage of free collections, advice and expertise of our professionals for a more ecological management of your residual materials. Whether you are a restaurant, a hotel, a company, or a building manager, Evirum intends to contribute effectively to the improvement of the quality of the environment and the sustainable development of ICI (institutes, businesses and institutions), through a wide range of services designed to solve your waste management problems and to maximize the added value of an integrated approach. We will support you in your environmental progress towards platinum-level environmental support, with the guarantee of reducing the environmental impact of your business.

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