Our reason for being

Our company Evirum, which specializes in the field of residual materials, consistently operates to satisfy customers with high demands, by supporting them with the installation of equipment and the collection of waste, recyclable materials, organic materials, dry materials (construction waste), hazardous materials and destruction of confidential documents.

Evirum is a pioneer in the innovative field of residual materials brokerage. Our mission is to provide an all-in-one / one stop shop service that would best meet your expectations and your budget.

Our team of specialists is ready to put their skills at your disposal at any time to provide you with various solutions for the management of the generated residual materials and we will accompany you through to the achievement of your objectives.




  • Generate substantial savings in cost and efficiency.
  • Offer a customized service coupled with qualified expertise.
  • Contribute effectively to improving the quality of the environment and sustainable development.
  • Empower all stakeholders involved in the management of residual materials.




Evirum’s team is beside you, at the very core of your activities, and is committed to render services to businesses by managing their residual waste. Thanks to our numerous nationwide business partners, we can ensure removal and disposal services along with material recycling, reuse and valorization services so that you can take advantage from the best services in the market, while reducing your operational costs and enhancing your corporate image.

Our mission is to provide you with turnkey services, at competitive pricing, that match your vision and brand image and that stand out thanks to their quality and efficiency!

Here are our main goals:
To develop relationships with clients based on trust, to accompany them through their decision-making in order to identify and implement relevant services and ensure efficient residual waste management.

As a broker, we want to give our clients the best possible waste management services and cutting-edge technologies through our large network of business partners.
To reduce operational costs by optimizing your equipment, your pickup type and frequency.
To contribute to a cleaner environment and build a greener future for coming generations
To offer fast and efficient turnaround
To provide tailored services along with skilled expertise at affordable and competitive costs
To help generate substantial savings in terms of waste removal management